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ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Piragold-400 TabPiracetam-400MG10*10Blister
Piragold syrup 100mlPiracetam500MG100MLOuter box
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Sibid tabChlordiazepoxide 5mg, Clidinium bromide 5mg & Dicyclomine hydrochloride 10mg20×10Blister
Flota-20 capFluxetine 20mg10*10Blister
N-Pram-Plus TabEscitalopram 10mg & Clonazepam 0.5mg10*10Alu-Alu
N pram 5 tabEscitolapram 5mg tab10X10Blister
N pram 10 tabEscitolapram 10mg tab10X10Blister
N pram 20 tabEscitolapram 20mg tab10X10Blister
Setraking -25Setraline 25MG10×10Blister
Setraking -50Setraline 50MG10×10Blister
Doxtin 20 TabDulexatine 20 MG tab10*10Alu Alu
Doxtin 30 TabDulexatine 30 MG tab10*10Alu Alu
Doxtin 40 TabDulexatine 40 MG tab10*10Alu Alu
Flintra TabFlupenthixol 0.5mg & Melitracen 10mg10*10Alu Alu
Pxwal CR 12.5 tabParoxetine 12 sr tab10×10Alu strip
Pxwal CR 25 tabParoxetine 25 sr tab10×10Alu strip
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Flubrain -10 TabFlunarizine 10mg4*5*10Blister
Flubrain -PLUS-10 TabFlunarazine 10mg with propanolol 40mg10x*10Blister
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
BETASAR -8 TABBetahistine 8 MG10*10Alu Alu
BETASAR -16 TABBetahistine 16 MG10*10Alu Alu
BETASAR -32 TABBetahistine 32 MG10*10Alu Alu
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Acinabid TabCinnarazine 25mg10*10Alu Alu
Acinabid -DM TabCinnarazine 25mg with domperidone 10mg10*10Alu Alu
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Gabasar Nt TabGabapentin 400mg & Nortyptiline 10mg10*10Alu-Alu
Pegwal Nt TabPregabalin 75mg & Nortriptyline 10mg10*10Blister
Pegwal-NMT TabMethylcobalamin 1500mcg, Pregabalin SR 75mg+ Nortriptyline 10mg10*10Alu-Alu
Pegwal M OD 75 TABMethylcobalamin 1500mcg & Pregabalin SR 75mg10×10Alu-Alu
Supercolin-500 TABCiticoline 500mg10*1*10blister
Supercolin-P-800 TabCiticoline 500mg & Piracetam 800mg10*1*10Blister
Supercolin InjCiticoline 500mg /2ML2mlCATCHER
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Lucicalm-5Trifluoperazine 5mg tab10*10Blister
Lucicalm-PLUSTrihexyphenidyl 2mg & Trifluoperazine 5mg tab10*10Blister
Qtpie -25 TabQuetiapine 25mg4*5*10Blister
Olaking-2.5TabOlanzapine 2.5MG10*10Blister
Olaking-5 TabOlanzapine 5MG10*10Blister
Olaking-10TabOlanzapine 10 MG10*10Blister
Olaking-PlusOlanzapine 5mg & Fluoxetine 20mg tablets10*10Blister
Rsdon-1 TabRisperidone-1 mg10*10Blister
Rsdon-2 TabRisperidone-2 mg10*10Blister
Rsdon-3 TabRisperidone-3 mg10*10Blister
Rsdon-4 TabRisperidone-4 mg10*10Blister
Rsdon-LS TabReperidone 2mg & Trihexyphenydil 2mg tab10*10Alu Alu
Rsdon-Plus TabResperidone 3mg & Trihexyphenydil 3mg tab10*10Alu Alu
Rsdon-Forte TabResperidone 4mg & Trihexyphenydil 4mg tab10*10Alu Alu
LSKING TabLevosulpride 25mg tablets alu10*10Alu Alu
Amisar 100 TabAmisulpride-100 MG10*10Blister
Amisar 50 TabAmisulpride-50 MG10*10Blister
LSKING InjLevosulpride 25mg/2ml10*2MLTRAYPACK
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Closar-MD-0.5 TabClonazepam 0.50mg (Mouth Dessolving)10*10Alu-Alu
Closar-Md-0.25 TabClonazepam 0.25mg (Mouth Dessolving)10*10Alu-Alu
Oxagem SR 300 taboxcarbazepine 300MG Sustained release tab10×10Blister
Oxagem SR 450 taboxcarbazepine 450MG Sustained release tab10×10Blister
Angival CR 300Controlled Release Sodium Valporate 200mg & Valporic Acid 87mg10*10Alu-Alu
Angival CR 500Controlled Release Sodium Valporate 333mg & Valporic Acid 145mg10*10Alu-Alu
Angival SypSodium Valporate 200mg syrup200MLOuter box
DLP SR 300 tabDivalproex Sodium Sustain release tab 300mgALUALU
DLP SR 500 tabDivalproex Sodium Sustain release tab 500mgALUALU
Phenzi-100 TabPhenytoin 100mg10*10Blister
Levigold-250 TabLevitiracetam-250MG10*10Blister
Levigold-500 TabLevitiracetam-500 MG10*10Blister
Levigold injEach 5ml : Levetiracetam 100MG1x5mlvail
Phenzi-100 TabPhenytoin 100mg10*10Blister
Mytryp -10 Tab
Amitryptyline 10mg
Mytryp -25 Tab
Amitryptyline 25mg
Mytryp PLUS Tab
Amitryptyline 10mg & chlorthiazepoxide 5mg.
Mytryp PLUS DS TabAmitryptyline 25mg & chlorthiazepoxide 10mg.5X4X10Blister
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Alprasar -0.25 TabAlprazolam 0.25mg20*10Blister
Alprasar -0.5 TabAlprazolam 0.50mg20*10Blister
Alprasar-Forte TabAlprazolam 0.25mg & Propranolol 10mg4*5*10Blister
PPNOL-10 TabPropanol 10mg Sustained release tab10*10Blister
PPNOL-20 SR TabPropanol 20mg Sustained release tab10*10Blister
PPNOL-40 SR TabPropanol 40mg Sustained release tab10*10Blister
Etmoon 0.5Etizolam 0.510*10Alu Alu
Etmoon PlusEtizolam Plus10*10Alu Alu
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Edbest-1.5 InjEdaravone 1.5/ml20mlAlu Alu
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Litpal -300Lithium carbonate 300mg10*10Blister
Litpal -400 SRLithium carbonate 400mg10*10Blister
Litpal -450 SRLithium carbonate 450mg10*10Blister
ImagesProduct NameCompositionSizePacking
Loping-1 TabLorazepam 1MG tab5*4*10Blister
Loping-2 TabLorazepam 2MG tab4*5*10Blister